Cooling Off Periods By State

Ready to sign a contract of sale for a property in Australia? 

We know what you’re feeling—it’s probably a mix of excitement and jitters because of a whirlwind of decisions you have to make.

One thing that might pop up on your radar is the term “cooling-off period.” It’s that handy little breather after you’ve signed on the dotted line, giving you a moment to reflect.

During this period, you can withdraw from the contract if your financial situation has changed or you have discovered newfound issues with the property. But did you know it varies depending on where you’re buying?

Explore below to know the cooling-off periods state by state, ensuring you’re armed with knowledge and ready to make confident moves in the Aussie property scene.

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New South Wales

The bustling state of NSW provides a generous five-day window. It allows buyers ample time to reassess, ensuring their property investment aligns perfectly with their dreams.

sydney, new south wales


From the sun-soaked beaches to the lush hinterlands, Queensland echoes NSW’s sentiment with a five-day grace period. It’s a thoughtful approach, giving Queenslanders peace of mind in their property pursuits.



In the cultural heartland of Australia, buyers have three days to contemplate their decisions. Though shorter than some, it’s still a crucial window in the fast-paced Victorian real estate market.


South Australia

South Australia’s unique charm requires decisive action. With a two-day cooling-off span, it’s about making choices promptly yet with assurance.

south australia


Tasmania’s wild landscapes and serene vistas come with a real estate twist—no cooling-off period. Buyers in this region need a blend of caution and confidence.


Western Australia

Much like Tasmania, the vast expanse of WA demands surety from its buyers from the get-go. Once committed, there’s no looking back.

western australia

Australian Capital Territory

Amidst the corridors of power in the ACT, homebuyers can lean on a five-day reflective period. It’s a balanced approach in a region where decisions shape the nation.

australian capital territory

Northern Territory

In the tropical terrains of the NT, a four-day respite awaits property seekers. It’s a blend of quick decision-making and thoughtful contemplation.

northern territory
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