Cooling Off Period in SA

Buying a house in South Australia? Know more about the cooling off period in SA first.

What Is the Cooling Off Period in South Australia?

In South Australia, the cooling off period in real estate acts as a breather, a brief interlude where buyers can reevaluate their decision post signing a contract. Imagine it as a time buffer to contemplate, without the pressuring buzz of the property market, whether the house purchase truly aligns with your dreams and practical needs.


How Long Is the Cooling Off Period in SA?

The cooling off period in South Australia is succinct, spanning just two days. Though brief, these two days can be transformative, granting you the luxury of reflection, consultation and informed decision-making, distanced from the buzzing urgency of property negotiations.

More Things You Should Know

When doesn’t this period apply?

While aiming to be protective, the law on cooling off period also builds in specific exclusions to ensure the property market’s fluidity. For one, the cooling off period isn’t applicable for houses sold at auctions. Also, sellers are bound once they’ve inked the deal; they don’t have the luxury to rethink their decision with the sale. That’s assuming they’ve already had a lot of time to reassess since they put their property up for sale. 

When exactly does the cooling off window start?

Timing, in real estate, is more than just essence—it’s everything. The commencement of the cooling off period isn’t marked by mutual smiles and handshakes but by a more formal gesture: when the purchaser is handed the signed contract. From this moment, every second counts until the window ends in two clear business days.

What happens to the deposit when you cancel?

Real estate commitments are hefty, both emotionally and financially. South Australia’s legal structure recognises this, ensuring that if you opt to back out within this two-day window, you aren’t left high and dry. Specifically, you’re poised to retrieve any deposit amount that exceeds $100. It’s a testament to the region’s dedication to protecting buyers from the aftershocks of hasty financial commitments.

What lies ahead after the cooling off period?

Once you sail past the cooling off horizon, the waters of the property contract become more definitive. If your heart and mind are in harmony with your decision, the journey to owning your dream house sails smoothly ahead. However, any inclination to backtrack becomes trickier, often entwined with legal intricacies and potential financial liabilities.

Why would one choose to backtrack?

Human decisions, especially ones as monumental as property acquisition, are susceptible to change. Financial scenarios might evolve, unexpected life events could intercede, or even last-minute revelations about the property might emerge. The reasons are vast and varied. Sometimes, it’s merely intuition signalling a mismatch between property and purchaser. Whatever the cause, the cooling off period for real estate contracts in South Australia stands as a sentinel, guarding buyers from undue penalties during such moments of recalibration.

In certain property market scenarios, waiving the cooling off period might emerge as tactical. In South Australia, this isn’t a casual decision but requires presenting a certificate from an independent solicitor. This certificate confirms that you’ve been adequately apprised of your rights and the implications of your contractual commitment.



Steps to Cancel During the Cooling Off Period

Sometimes, second thoughts aren’t just passing clouds; they demand action. If you’re having reservations and are leaning towards cancelling a contract of sale during this period, follow these steps:

1. Consult a Solicitor

Before any hasty decisions, it's prudent to liaise with your solicitor. They'll provide clarity on your position and potential repercussions.

2. Submit a Written Notice

If you're resolute about retracting, formally notify the seller's agent in writing. Be sure it's done before the cooling-off period ends.

3. Be Aware of Penalties

Be prepared for a minor financial hit. As mentioned, cancelling during the cooling off period in SA might mean parting with a percentage of the purchase price. It's a small price for a change of heart.

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